Friday, April 03, 2009

Worth living

-It was one of those moments in which if I were to take a plane, I would have taken one anywhere just to take another one as soon as the first one landed. I would go on like that until I get lost. Until I find myself in some foreign city with people talking a language I can’t understand, seeing in people’s eyes the same feeling of not knowing where they are that I would have. People talking words that they can understand but which don’t mean a thing – where did we park the car? How much for the paper? Exit to the left. People with the hope of seeing love come walking through the exit door, people with the hope of getting into one of those planes and leave all behind. People who would not frown if they see me wandering around.
-Would you go back home?
-You know there is no home. We belong to nowhere. You live all your life in one place and then one day you go away and discover that the place were you felt so comfortable is not as good as the new place you just found. So you stay in this new place, for a while, until you start missing friends, family, red brick buildings… and so you go back to the so called “home”. But then nothing is the way it was, friends are gone, family died, and red brick buildings turned into shiny glass skyscrapers. So you go back to where you came from, or to a new place, feeling that you don’t belong to anywhere and loneliness fills you.
-What if you stayed in the same place forever? That could be your home.
-Then, if people are slightly intelligent, they would get so bored and sick of the everyday routine that they would kill themselves. And if they don’t, then they would just become some grey being with no life of their own.- Some people find a way to escape that.
-Ahhh… yes, art.
- For example.
-That is the only possible escape, anything else is just lying to yourself. Actually tortured minds are the ones which create the best art.
-How about love? Love can also be an escape.
-Love is deceiving. One day you have it all and the next day you find yourself buried in the ashes of a foolish passion. And even in the best of circumstances, when you really find the so called “love”, destiny has a way of taking it away from you. But if you insist on being one those few lucky people who really found it and who haven’t crossed destiny then, my only advice is “hold on tight to it”.
But, then again, I’m old and I might be getting bitter. You are young so travel the world, fall in love, get hurt, create meaningful art if you are one of the few chosen ones… and then come to this same conclusions and turn bitter as you get old, after all, that is what makes life worth living.

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